Wednesday September 14th 2022 marks the second-ever National Parents Day Off.  This is a holiday parents, with children of all ages, should plan for every year.  Full disclosure, I don't have kids, but everyone else in my family does and they work hard for the kids (and to keep their own sanity).

Whether you're running kids to a high school football practice or a dance recital... two hours away -- it's exhausting because you need time for yourself, your marriage and all of the other responsibilities that come with adulting NOT related to raising children.

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So, even if this relatively new holiday is a surprise to parents all over Genesee County this year, plan time for yourself to hang out with friends, family or anything but Paw Patrol, stepping on Legos or reprimanding your oldest about an inappropriate post on Tik Tok or Instagram... one day next week.

Homemade Refreshing Orange Mimosa Cocktails

My suggestion, plan for mimosas with friends.  Meet up for lunch at Soggy Bottom Bar in Downtown Flint (truffle fries, sliders, nachos...even vegan options if you need that) or Hoffmans Deco Deli & Cafe on Saginaw Street Downtown Flint (amazing locally-themed menu with great flavors).  Meet up for breakfast at Sophia's Kitchen or if you're closer to Fenton The Laundry is always a great spot for lunch.  Or, need to celebrate hiding in your bedroom while the kids play video games?  Celebrate on a budget -- grab the family Halo Burger for dinner while you FaceTime with your bestie.  Just take the time for yourself -- you deserve it.

Learn more about this new holiday here.  (Coincidentally, September is National Self-Care Awareness Month, too.)

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