Smokers Smoke Breaks Equivalent To Extra Weeks Of Vacation
Smoking has been linked to workers taking more time off due to health reasons, but have you ever thought about how much time smokers actually spend smoking?
Express did, and according to their study, smoke breaks might equal five weeks of vacation every single year!
Guy Rapping Passes Out From Smoking A Blunt [Video]
A Guy in his room rapping take too big of a puff from his blunt and passes out. I love this video! This proves that weed ca be dangerous! What would have happened if he was on a ladder underneath a basket full of kittens? I don't want to imagine that, but I think it would be similar to stepping on a…
Kids Smoke Out For 4/20 [VIDEO]
Evidently it's not "too" illegal to smoke on the campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder on 4/20. About 10,000 students gather every year to celebrate 4/20 and light up at 4:20pm.  This is put together every year by students and has no affiliation with the school what so ever and c…

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