Smoking cigarettes is not only a disgusting a stinky habit, its also a deadly habit. Here's some easy steps to put down the nasty cancer sticks for good!

Every year more than 443,000 people die from cigarette smoking. Quitting smoking isn't an easy task, in fact some studies have reported that quitting nicotine is harder than quitting heroin. Although I've never been addicted to heroin, I can say quitting smoking is extremely hard. If you're not a smoker its easy to say "Well idiot just put the cigarettes down." but its really not that easy.

Now though thanks to YouTuber 'Mr. Forthright' he has made a minute and 46 second video on how to quit smoking forever. I never really realized how easy it is but now I have all the steps! My personal favorite is lighting yourself on fire! Thanks Mr. Forthright!


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