Flint Is Cracking Down on Illegal Dumping
The city of Flint is tired of the constant mess and disrespect for our community and is now cracking down on illegal dumping.
I can already tell you that this is a behavioral problem deeper than making arrests. While threatening trash dumpers may deter some, the likelihood of it stopping anything soo…
Garbage Man Goes Crazy On Someones Trash [Video]
This garbage man woke up on the wrong side the bed this morning because he goes ape sh*t on someones trash can and mail box.
Someone clearly hates their job. I have bad days at work too, but this dude has days you can't even imagine.
Who Cares About This Planet [Video]
This video touches on what society is doing to the ecosystem and how we as people are too focused on gluttony to consider the negative  effects on our environment.
We all are guilty of not caring about our environment. To be honest a lot of us weren't raised to care. It's all about progression, about…