Flint's Mayor Sheldon Neeley has doubled the reward for any information that will help the city catch these businesses that are dumping used tires all over Flint.

This goes to show you that we have people in our community that look at our neighborhoods as trash cans. The dilapidated houses are bad enough, but to think that a local business could be out here dumping tires all over the city makes me mad as hell.

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Every indication is that unscrupulous tire businesses are using the City of Flint as their dumping ground. We need residents to join us in our fight against blight. Let’s fight back against all those who would treat our community like a garbage can,” said Mayor Neeley.


According to a news release, Mayor Neeley announced last year that the City of Flint would launch an innovative partnership with CrimeStoppers to help fight illegal dumping in the City by offering rewards up to $1,000 for tips that lead to the arrest of anyone illegally dumping in the City of Flint.


The Mayor's office tells Mid-Michigan NOW the reward doubles the reward to up to $2,000 for commercial tire dumping. Source: NBC25.com

This is the time for us to show what we're really made of. If other communities can band together to stop violence, and trash so can we. This isn't something you be scared to do at all. Keep a lookout in your neighborhood for any suspicious vehicles, especially late. Let's take back our neighborhoods!

If you notice any dumping please call Crimestoppers at 1-800-422-JAIL

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