The trash company Republic that services the Genesee county area is dealing with staffing issues which could result in the company alternating between yard waste and recycling leaving Flint residents to deal with their own trash for a bit longer.

The current contract between the Republic and the City Of Flint is set to expire on June 30th. 

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"We need to ask more questions, I want this stuff corrected, and it's going to get corrected, if republic doesn't correct it somebody will, but we need to give them a chance to fix that, so councilman mays, yes, i want republic here, i want everybody here that needs to be here so we can get questions answered," said council member Herbert Winfrey.


City Administrator Clyde Edwards says without Republic's contract being extended trash will not be picked up beginning July 1. 

This sounds like another silly disagreement between Flint's City Council and Mayor Sheldon Neeley's office. The city council has been known to make things much harder than they need to be. Especially for one famous council member that doesn't need to be named.

I don't get surprised anymore when it comes to the basic's being held up anymore. Because I understand where the problem is coming from. Just know that the next time we vote on the city council members please do your research people. The last thing we need to more idiots in place making decisions for a whole city.

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