Travis Mills

Meet Travis Mills
Travis Mills has become an inspiration to anyone that has heard his story, and now you get the chance to meet the Mid-Michigan hero face to face.
Travis Mills Remains A Hero
Everyone in Mid-Michigan should know the story of Vassar native, Travis Mills.  One chapter of his life has come to an end with his retirement from the Army, but his commitment to helping military families is opening up an entire new book.
Travis Mills: A Soldiers Story
The story of Travis Mills has been an inspiration to everyone in our community for the past year, and now his truly amazing journey is being told to the world.
Vassar Soldier Travis Mills Is Back On American Soil
Staff Sergeant Travis Mills of Vassar, is back in America after losing his arms and legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan last week.
He is being treated at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and parents next to him.