The story of Travis Mills has been an inspiration to everyone in our community for the past year, and now his truly amazing journey is being told to the world.

Fotolanthropy is a non-profit film company that approached Mills about his amazing road to recovery, and wanted to help tell his story.  Even though Travis admits that he has turned down several book and movie offers he said that, "This just felt right."

Travis has been a rallying point for everyone in our community since we learned about his tragic injury.  His path to recovery is a story that is almost unbelievable.  The physical progress that he has made in such a short time is only topped by the amazing positive attitude he has kept.

Travis, none of us can imagine how hard things must be at times for you and your family . . . but please know that what you are doing with your life right now is one of the most amazing things that any of us will ever see.  Thank you for showing all of us what being brave is all about.

- Clay