It appears that some black-owned media companies are using the race card to attempt to leverage or some might say extort more business out of General Motors.   The Detroit Free Press is reporting that seven Black-owned media companies including companies owned by former rapper and actor Ice Cube are accusing General Motor’s Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra of being a racist.

Why, because they say she is not getting back to them or refusing to meet with them.  Interesting because over the years I have attempted to contact Ice Cube and many of these same media companies and they have refused to even reply to me.  Is it because I am white, well like them I will assume so which makes them all racist and bigot’s in their books, right.

They actually took out a full-page ad in Sunday’s edition of the Detroit Free Press accusing Mary Barra of being a racist.  The ad demands that GM allocate at least 5% of its ad budget to Black-owned media companies.  The address states that "less than 0.5% goes to media companies owned".

Perhaps I should collect money to put out a full-page ad informing the world of some of these very same black media companies refusing to get back to me or met with me, thus they are racist and or bigots, correct Ice Cube? As well as the woman/sexist Democrat politicians, for example; Whitmer, Dana Nessel, Jocelyn Benson and Nancy Pelosi who refuse to get back to me since I am a male.  How about all of the black Democrat politicians who refuse to get back to me, are they all racist and bigot’s since I am a white person? 

You think I could get away with their throwing around the race card since none of them get back to me and refuse to meet with me since I am a white male?

Here is something interesting that I discovered in my research for this piece, every single network executive for BET (Black Entertainment Television) is black.  Not a single White, Hispanic or Asian person on their team.  Are they racists and bigots also?  The last time I check who was on their Board of Directors there was not a single White, Hispanic or Asian person on their board either.  When I tried researching who made up their board yesterday I could not easily find that information, interesting.

Here is a question for these black-owned media companies; how many White, Hispanic or Asians are on your executive boards and what is the breakdown by color, of the businesses you hire?

How much money does BET contract out to white companies?

I understand that you want more of GM’s business, we all would like more customers but why go right to the race card to get it.  Using your theory, it appears many of your companies seem to be racist/bigoted in your hiring practices and possibly in the contracts you give out.  I can “assume” because that is what everyone is doing these days when they use the race card to get people to accede to their demands.

Someone should ask Governor Whitmer if she believes GM CEO Mary Barra is a racist. I would but she refuses to get back to me or meet with me because I am a male and according to the left that makes Whitmer a sexist.

The moral of this story is that not everyone who does not do business with you or does not like you is because of our skin color or your gender.  Perhaps it might be the content of your character or some other innocuous reason.

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