Chance the Rapper has a lot to celebrate about. Not only is he one of the most respected rhymers in the rap game, he’s also celebrating his 24 birthday today (April 16).

As you may know, Chano is going to hold a big birthday concert in his native city of Chicago at Studio Paris Nightclub with proceeds benefiting Social Works, a volunteer organization he co-founded that inspires youth through arts and education.

In addition, Chance received a special birthday musical gift from his younger brother, Taylor Bennett, by way of a new song.

The B-Day tune is called “Only Brother” and it features his Taylor reworking the Coloring Book track “Special” (featuring D.R.A.M). Produced by LudLow, Taylor recalls growing up with his older brother and how he steered him away from the deadly streets of Chicago.

"We call our brothers our fathers / My homies hustlers and robbers / Most of them booked or got shot up / Growin' up they had it hardest," he raps. "And I was trippin', Chano got me back into the vision / Told me, 'Listen, you gonna have to make decisions / Everyone you make is gonna make a difference / What's your vision? How you livin' when you fifty? / Six feet under or sixty up like Diddy? / Biggest in the world or biggest in the city?"

Chance went on his Twitter account to thank his brother for the birthday gift. He tweeted:

Happy Birthday, Chance the Rapper! Check out some childhood photos of Chano and Taylor below.

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