This week has slowly been creeping down in temperatures and mornings have been rough. Expect to see temperatures dropdown around 34 degrees in the morning this weekend.

Time to break out those winter coats! 

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Both Saturday morning and Sunday morning could have frost. Saturday morning could even have freezing temperatures over a majority of Lower Michigan. Here are the low  and high temperatures expected this weekend.

This is just typical Michigan weather. Just like week temperatures were up in the '80s and you could ride a motorcycle all day! Now your morning are gonna a bit rough this weekend, and you can forget about hitting the beach or lakes this weekend.

The only area that may be warm enough to avoid frost Saturday morning will be far southeast Lower Michigan, including the Ann Arbor area and the Detroit area. The southwest side of Lower Michigan will have cold air drain down into the normally warmer corner of the state.

Some areas of Michigan won't get hit so bad, but for us in Genesee County. You better dust off that heavy coat, your gonna need it.

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