If you still haven't busted out the winter coat, hat, and gloves you should probably get them today.

Michigan is facing a blast of cold air that will keep us way colder than normal for the next couple of weeks. According to MLive the next couple of weeks will see daytime temps in the 20's and 30's! I know that there will be a point in January or February where we are praying for 30's, but for November, that's really cold.

I won't get into the weather science behind it all, (because I'm not that smart) but the basics are that we have three rounds of cold temps coming. They will carry us all the way through November, which means winter is basically here.

The news goes from bad to worse for anyone living in the lake effect snow areas. There will be a few big snow events coming with all this cold weather.

Luckily we won't see much of it here in Genesee County, and what snow we do see probably won't stick around.

There isn't much you can do to change the forecast, but there are a few things you can do today to be ready.

  • Make sure you have a window scraper in your car. If you can only see through a port hole you scraped, then you shouldn't be driving.
  • Put some gloves in your car, and maybe even a hat.
  • Overnight temps are going to be way below freezing, so if you have some leftover summer equipment outside that shouldn't freeze, put it away.

I know that none of us are actually ready for winter, so let's get through this cold spell and maybe we will have a couple of warm days at the end of the month.

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