Flint's Terry Armstrong is back in his hometown for a farewell party and water giveaway before going pro.

Armstrong played one year at Carman-Ainsworth before transferring to a prep school in Arizona to boost his visibility. The move worked, and Armstrong eventually committed to Arizona for college ball. Armstrong then de-committed and decided to play professionally in Australia.

The move to skip college for the pros has been becoming more and more popular over the last few years. There is no guarantee that the move will eventually land Armstrong in the NBA, but he told Mlive why this is the right move for him.

A big reason why I wanted to go pro was because I'm from Flint, Michigan and my family is still affected by the water situation there

Armstrong is bringing the message about the Flint Water Crisis to the front before he leaves for Australia. He is hosting a farewell party and water giveaway tonight at Doyle-Ryder Elementary. The event starts at 6pm tonight, and goes till around 8pm. Terry is scheduled to leave for Australia later this week.

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