Spoiler alert - we all make mistakes. No one is perfect. Sure some mistakes can be serious, but some mistakes can be damn funny too.

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I am in no way shape or form ragging on former ABC 12 news reporter Siobhan Riley. Trust me, I have goofed up countless times on air. I was notorious for what is called 'ripping and reading'. Pro tip - always read something first before you read it out loud. I learned the hard way thanks to some pretty funny co-workers.

Many of you will remember the video below in which Siobhan draws a penis on live television while giving a traffic update. This particular incident happened in 2013 but was brought up recently in conversation so I figured I would share it again. What makes it so damn funny (other than the fact she drew a penis) is the fact that it's real. I hate when I start watching a video that is clearly altered or fake. Life is funny enough - I don't have time for fake funny.

Siobhan Riley was not the first news anchor to make this mistake live on television, and she will not be the last. I hope once the shock wore off Siobhan was able to laugh at this too. Here we are many years later - and it is still funny.

We are all going to continue to make mistakes, here's to being able to laugh at them.

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