Every Detroit Tiger fan already knows that the Old English "D" is the most recognizable hat in baseball, and a new report from USA Today confirms that.

The Tigers have experimented with logo changes in the last decade, but everyone agrees that the classic D is an unbeatable look.

The USA Today poll ranks the 10 best in the league with the top 5 looking like this.

5. Yankees

4. Brewers

3. Rockies

2. White Sox

1. Tigers

I would even say that if you live in Michigan and you don't already have one of the classic D Tiger hats, you should probably click on the picture below and grab one today.


If you still have any doubts about the best hat in all the land, just take one look at this majestic mustache . . . . then look at what's on top of Magnum P.I.'s head.   That should answer any questions.


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