ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI

The Flint police officers have a new weapon to help fight crime.  Patrol officers will have tasers now and you can watch the officers get shocked.  I thought they already had them.

According to ABC12, having the tasers will cut back on injuries between arresting officers and criminals. Until now, officers had to use a hands on tactic to subdue criminals which could cause injury to everyone involved.

The new police chef James Tolbert spoke on the importance of having this new tool.

"When you don't have a tool like this you have to go hands on,  there is a possibility that either the officer or the individual being arrested could be injured, so with this there is automatic compliance."

Officers have finished their training and will start carrying the tasers effective today, Wednesday June 11th.  What are your thoughts on our police officers carrying tasers now?