Here are the best images of #Flintstagram from last week, November 11th, 2013.  I even added one of my images that I uploaded using our hash tag.  I am thankful for everyone who upload their images every week with our hash tag, keep them coming. 

Last week I started another Instagram feature where I find the best image of celebrities and post them.  You have to guess who you think the celeb is by just a portion of the picture.  See if you find who was the celeb for our first week.


    THATSMYJAM90 / Instagram

    She showed off her new hair style on Instagram.  Looks nice.  Hey guys, I think she's single.


    SKYADRIAN810 / Instagram

    Uhh...someone was riding dirty.  I really hope she has a license to carry that around.


    BLAZE_COTTON / Instagram

    I guess this is the product of a drunk night for her.  Thanks for the hash tag love.



    YABOYLV / Instagram

    I attended the Lecrae and Keirra Sheard concert last week and I thought it was amazing.  The homie Lecrae put on a great show.


    POKERGIRL84 / Instagram

    We see Pokergirl84 loves Tim Horton's too.  Good look shawty.