#Flintstagram is going stronger than ever on Instagram and you need to join the movement.  We take some of the best images from our hash tag and share them with you but this time around we're picking a winner to give movie passes to.

Some of the images below are just a few of the great images you should check out.  If you want more likes and followers, us our hash tag today.

  • JustJules24

    JustJules24 is showing off a smile which is a great asset to have and contribute to our community.  People, please start smiling more.


    This is exactly why I love what I do.  When people tune in and enjoy our station, it makes me happy.  Thanks ThatBoyTiny.

  • B0BBC4T

    Ugly sweater season is here and B0bbc4T pulled out his grandpa's actual sweater. I'm not saying the sweater is ugly but you know what I mean, right?


    Who knew Miley Cyrus was stopping by our studio to twerk?  Best Halloween costume in Flint.


    Seeing this image instantly got me hungry.  I love Chinese food and veggie egg rolls are the best.