The rumors that J. Cole is training to tryout for the NBA might become reality thanks to the Detroit Pistons.

The rumor started when Master P said that J. Cole was seriously training to get an NBA tryout. Obviously the world of Hip Hop has always been closely tied to the NBA, but it's rare that an artist has the ability to make it. Master P tried to make it a reality but it never really took off.

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It is a two way street though, because there are a ton of NBA players that have tried to make it big in the music world. Right now, there are at least 5 players I can think of off the top of my head that have albums out. The best hidden gem though is a collection of players that were released on one album. If you ever have time for a laugh, check out the B-Ball's Best Kept Secret.

Back to J. Cole though and his bid to join the NBA. What sounds like a long shot got a little closer to reality this week, when our very own Detroit Pistons reached out to Cole.

Sure this is most likely just a publicity stunt by the Pistons, but I don't think anyone can deny that Cole has some game.

He played in high school, and almost walked on to his college team before focusing his time and efforts on music. If you had any questions about Cole and his ability, just watch some of the clips below. Keep in mind that a lot of the other guys in the video are current NBA players.

Do you think Cole has a chance of making the Pistons roster this year?


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