The Flint Weather Ball is an iconic part of the Flint skyline, and it's updating again after another ownership change.

The letters CB sat just below the weather ball for decades, but was replaced with a FM after the bank was bought by First Merit in 2013.

First Merit has since been bought out by Huntington Bank and you guessed it, the letters HB will be the new icon on the Flint skyline.

While it's frustrating that every time the weather ball has changed hands hundreds of jobs have been lost, it is nice to see the new owners respect the tradition of the skyline.

If it's been a while since you've recited the Flint Weather Ball song, you can get the lyrics below.

When the weather ball is red, warmer temperatures are ahead.

When the weather ball is blue, colder temperatures are due.

When yellow light is the color of the weather ball, there will be no change at all.

When it blinks in agitation, there will be precipitation.

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