The Game had his episode of "Behind The Music" last night and he opened up about his longtime beef with 50 Cent. It started back in 2005 and Game said it still "haunts" his career.

See what he had to say about the beef below and check out the video.

He said:

"50 didn't write my songs, that's just his ego rising above the team aspect of what Aftermath was all about. I could easily say, 'Yo, I wrote this song on 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' it was a team effort. '300 Bars,' when I wrote that I was angry I wanted G-Unit to die as a brand, a record label, a group. There was a bar that said 'you sell records but a G-G-G you not.' And all it was, was a metaphor. I didn't know what I created. Next thing I know fans started yelling G-G-G U NOT! They started making T-shirts and the movement it got bigger than me."