It's no surprise that every single time an actor, sports figure, or musician wins an award or accomplishes something amazing, the first person they tend to thank is their mother. Moms around the world have been known to be the biggest fans for their kids that make their way to stardom, and one member of Michigan's Greta Van Fleet is no exception.

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Frankenmuth's Grammy-winning rock band Greta Van Fleet is about to embark on their Michigan tour hitting five in-state venues including Flint's Dort Financial Center on March 16th. As they take the stage you can guarantee their moms will be front and center cheering them on, as always.

The Greta Van Fleet moms tend to stay in the background enjoying their children's success, and because of that many may not realize the connection one band member, drummer Danny Wagner, has with Grand Blanc, all thanks to his mom.

Raising a Rock Star

Lori Gunterman-Wagner, Grand Blanc class of 1983, is the proud mom of 23-year-old Daniel who was named to the top list of the "Best Rock Drummer" list by Music Radar in 2021. Lori, who herself was involved in theatre and choir while in high school, grew up in Grand Blanc and studied at Ferris State University. Also a musician, Lori played guitar her entire life growing up. Once married to husband Dan in 1995, they welcomed Daniel and daughter Josie, now 21, and settled in Frankenmuth.

As a mom watching her son's career grow and explode in a short period of time, Lori experienced a flood of emotions and thoughts. Supporting her son's dream and watching it take flight was all part of the journey the whole family was on.

"First, Dan & I could not be more proud of Daniel. He is a GREAT son who has a heart of gold!!  We just always knew the guys had something VERY special, but we know making it in the music industry is really a one in a billion chance.  However, their spirit and talent never gave up.  I knew with their ambition they were in it for the long haul."

When asked, she knew exactly the moment she knew her son was part of something pretty extraordinary saying,

"I realized the magnitude of Greta Van Fleet’s success when we were asked by the guys to attend the Grammy’s with them.  To be able to be right there at the Grammy’s and watch the guys interacting with music greats was just unbelievable!  And then they won a Grammy for Best Rock Album!!  Wow…  I had to be pinched to believe it!!!  What a dream come true so early in their career!"

Photo: Lori Wagner
Photo: Lori Wagner

Both Daniel and bandmates the Kiszka brothers Josh, Jake, and Sam, have made sure of one thing throughout their professional journey. The guys have included their families, especially their mothers, in as many special moments as possible. One of the very first, and a highlight for Lori, was inviting their mothers to meet Elton John.

"Meeting Elton John was by far the most amazing thing I have done with the band.  Elton was just phenomenal with our guys.  He was so respectful of their talent and praised them up and down.  To be able to watch them rehearse together and interact together, I can honestly say I had tears streaming down my face.  I never saw that amazing moment coming. Truly a dream come true."

With all of his success, it's refreshing to see the family pictures and moments the Wagner family still shares and enjoys together. Daniel Wagner has stayed grounded and humbled....and for that, you can thank his special mom at home cheering him on.

After Michigan, Greta Van Fleet will be hitting the road massive 2022 arena and stadium tour with 42 new arena tour dates on the books in the United States and Canada. Things will kick off in August.

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