It's the dress all over again, except it's a shoe and there is a definite answer this time.

You remember arguing over that stupid dress a few years ago, right? I don't recall if there was ever a definitive answer given on that one, but the dress was available in like every color combo, so there would always be doubt even if there was an answer given.

The latest, "what color is that?" optical illusion burning its way through the interwebs is less mysterious than that, at least for me it is. Everyone in my household, all three of my kids and my wife, immediately saw gray and mint green upon looking at the picture of the shoe above... everyone except for me, because I'm smart and they're wrong. You're wrong too if you think it's gray and green or blue and white or any color combo that isn't pink and white. I'll show you why.

Here's a comparison of the original photo (which clearly had lighting issues or a filter applied) to a color corrected version. It's pretty damning for the gray and green/blue and white crowd.

Not definitive enough for you? Are you yelling "fake news" or "photoshop witchcraft" at your phone right now? Well, allow me to introduce exhibit B -- the actual colors that these shoes are available in.

That should about wrap it up. If you still think they're not pink and white, just know that you're wrong and you should probably get an eye exam.

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