Jim Leyland is the grizzled manager of our Detroit Tigers, and he is the perfect fit for the job.  Fans either love him or hate him, and he really doesn't give a damn either way.

It's scarey to think that if Jimmy and the Tigers don't win a World Series this year, that it will probably mark the end of his run in Detroit.  Leyland has raised the bar in Tigertown so high that now anything less than a championship is a failure.  The Detroit News asked Jim about retirement and his answer is perfect.

“You know what, if I went out tomorrow, I wouldn’t care how any of you guys felt, I would feel like I went out on top,” Leyland said. “I was a backup Double A catcher who hit (bleeping) .222. I’ve managed in the big leagues 22 years, with a world title, division titles, American League championships. Now, what the (heck)?  “I would say, holy (bleep)! I’ve got some money in my pocket, I’ve had a lot of fun, managed a lot of great players, against a lot of great players. What’s to (bleep) about?”

So I ask all Tiger fans to enjoy what could be our last year with "Smokes".  Carl Skanberg put together a cartoon imagining the breakfast of champions for Jim Leyland.