2014’s Ouija didn’t exactly receive glowing reviews, but that hasn’t stopped Universal from conjuring a sequel out of it. Ouija: Origin of Evil has a completely new cast and a different story from the original, the only thing carried over from one to the other being, of course, the titular board. Today, the film debuted a chilling new trailer.

From what we can see, Origin of Evil focuses on a single mother with two daughters: An older redhead and a younger blonde girl who seems to be connected in some way to the spirit world. The mom runs a seance house and pretends to communicate with ghosts, telling her daughters that by scamming their clients into believing they’re talking to dead relatives, they’re giving closure. Mom gets a ouija board for work, but when the youngest daughter takes an interest in it, all hell, literally, breaks loose.

There’s a good chance the sequel could be better than the original, as Oculus, one of director Mike Flanagan’s previous projects, was actually pretty good. And this isn’t his only film this year: Home invasion thriller Hush premiered on Netflix a few months ago, and the Jacob Tremblay-starring Before I Wake is set to hit theaters on Friday.

Horror fans might also be excited to see Doug Jones’ name on the cast list, as he reprises his “wispy, skeletal ghost” role from Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak. Jones is a master of transformation and prosthetics, which makes him a perfect choice if you’re ever in the market for creepy or imposing monsters.

Ouija: Origin of Evil stars Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso, and Lulu Wilson, and will hit theaters October 21.

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