A pretty wild scene out of North Las Vegas.

Alonso Perez, who was being held as a murder suspect, escaped from custody when he managed to worm his way out of handcuffs and then leave through the ceiling.

North Las Vegas Police Chief Alexander Perez said it took detectives 40 minutes to realize Perez had left, even though a camera was on in the room where he was being held.

"We are very aware mistakes were made," said Chief Perez. "We're not perfect. The police are simply not perfect. However, we will learn from our mistakes so they are not repeated and that's the goal."

Alonso Perez successfully twisted the chain holding him so that it snapped. After that, the chief said, "To get out of the building he put a chair up against the wall. He climbed into the rafters and exited the building. He finds a truck running, jumps in, and makes his getaway."

Alonso Perez remained at-large for five days before police caught him on Tuesday.

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