In approximately one year from now, Downtown Saginaw will have a brand new Farmers Market where the old Saginaw News building is currently.

Saginaw does have a farmers market right now, but it's under a bunch of tents, and is only open during the summer months.  SVRC Industries is looking to transform the old Saginaw News building on Washington, into a year round market.

There are still some financial issues that need to be worked through with the city of Saginaw, but this should be a no brainer.  Downtown Saginaw has already had a few major facelifts in recent years, and this would be a perfect fit.

Saginaw doesn't have to look far to see the success of a downtown farmers market, considering the Flint Farmers Market has done so well.

The location of the potential Saginaw market is perfect, considering the river is right there, creating a great downtown destination.


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