Even though America has advanced since the civil rights era, when it comes to commercials in in Superbowl ads it seems like African Americans get the same old roles every year.

Kennan plays black guy "Corey" on SNL's "Weekend Update". Corey explains how he has had a great year, and he was in 14 commercials and the only black guy in college brochures.Basically this skit is a parody how the only commercial roles black guys can get are fun loving guys that are the life of the party with big afro.

Corey has to give high 5's every12 seconds or else he will die, and he has to eat popcorn chicken on the "clean side of Brooklyn".

Corey also tells how he Dj'd a party with a Dr. Pepper can on his turntables HIGH-5!!

I think Corey is the cool non threatening black guy everyone would love to have.

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