On December 13th, 1983 the Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets combined to score more points than any two teams in NBA history.

It's hard to believe that the Pistons would be involved in such a high scoring game back in the 80's, but this was right before the Bad Boys era. Detroit was just starting to form the nucleus of their historic championship team. Isaiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer were on the team, but there are plenty of names that only old school Pistons fans will remember.

Detroit was in the middle of a long road trip when they pulled into Denver for the game against the Nuggets. The first few minutes of the game looked like a modern day all-star game, where nobody missed a shot.

The Pistons and Nuggets were tied at the half with 74, which doesn't seem crazy by today's standards. The scoring continued though into the second half, and then into three over-times!

At the end, Keke Vandeweghe lead all scorers with 51 points for the Nuggets. Isaiah scored 47 to lead the Pistons. The two teams combined for 370 total points that night.

Just for reference, the second highest scoring game happened in 1975 between the San Diego Conquistadors and the New York Nets. The two teams combined for 342 points in 4 over-times.

I know that a lot of people might wonder if that record will ever be broke, and the answer is, probably not. Even with the prolific scorers of the modern game, the closest anyone has come lately happened this year. The Bulls and Hawks combined for 329 points in a four over-time game back in March of this year.


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