This video of a guy missing a million dollar, half court shot has made it's way around the internet.  What most people don't know is the inspiring story behind this awful attempt.

I'll admit that when I first saw the shot from Scott Park, I laughed . . . a lot.

Then I read the amazing back story from Martin Rickman, and realized that it's OK to laugh as long as you know the whole story.

It turns out that Scott Park knew he didn't have a chance at making the million dollar shot.  In fact, he knew that the ball probably wouldn't make it halfway there.  Park is actually thrilled he even got the chance, and even more thrilled to be alive.

Park has a rare blood disorder that nearly took his life before a kidney transplant, and weekly experimental treatments were applied.  Park talked to Ryan Fagan of The Sporting News, and his words are enough to make us all rethink the things we complain about every day. Park Said:

“The halfcourt shot wasn’t pretty, and then I got a free throw and that didn’t get to the basket. And then, I couldn’t believe I blew the layup. The Lord has blessed me probably as much or more than a lot of people. I feel that every day. God has been a power in my life, and he keeps giving me miracles every day.”

I'm willing to pretend that the shot went in if you all are.