To trick or treat, or not to trick or treat? That is the question many parents are still trying to answer. Is it safe? Will people even by handing out candy? There is a way to tell if a house is handing out candy, and it is not always because a porch light is on or off.
Apparently putting out a purple pumpkin now tells the  world you are down to clown, as in you have candy.

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I told Tony LaBrie about this earlier today, his response - where do you get a purple pumpkin? I imagine you may be asking the same question. Obviously you can paint one. IF you do not want to paint an actual pumpkin, you can cut one out of construction paper, or draw one on a window. This seems like a lot of extra steps just to let people know you are participating in Halloween 2020.

I also wonder how many kids will be out this year. My neighborhood has slowed down tremendously the last few years in terms of the number of kids trick-or-treating. With the fear of coronavirus, I really don't see Halloween night being super busy. Who knows, I have been wrong before, I could totally be wrong on this. Are you taking your kids out?

Get a purple pumpkin, or don't get one - stand in front of your house and scream 'FREE CANDY' for all I care. Or better yet, just turn your porch light on or off. Problem solved.

Happy Halloween.

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