Halloween weekend has a history of bad things happening especially on "Devils' Night" and the Flint Police Department is responding by having an increased presence with the help of their new helicopter.

This should shape up to be a very different weekend this year. A police helicopter is a game-changer. 

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the Flint Police Department says they plan to step up patrols and hopefully add a new safety measure to the mix.


"The Flint Police helicopter... we are very hopeful that it will be flying by the 30th and 31st of this month," said Det. Sgt. Tyrone Booth, a spokesperson for the Flint Police Department.


"People usually use that opportunity for the violation of crime, setting fire and things of that nature and this will be very useful in helping to solve those crimes having someone over any incident in a moment's notice," said Booth.


I actually hope things flow smoothly this weekend especially with the new mini police stations opening this weekend. This is a much-needed boost to turn this weekend into more of a festive experience instead of a "Watch over my shoulder weekend". So if you don't have any malicious plans for this weekend you should be happy!

If you, I hope the boys in blue crack your head wide open and spread you out like little pieces of trick-or-treat candy. Stop with the nonsense, and let regular people try and enjoy this weekend.


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