This is the story of how a simple little elementary school grew up to be a luxury multi-million dollar home you won't believe. First

This little gem is located in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. Sitting on a total of 11 acres, the building was once Perry Elementary School which would account for its 14,600 square feet of space. Whoever transformed this place was an interior designer mastermind, and pretty creative too.

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Although there is plenty of space, the home boasts just 4 bedrooms, 4 full and 5 half bathrooms. There's a modern living/dining room with a wet bar, and a gourmet chef's kitchen complete with double islands. The vaulted ceiling showcases the amount of space inside the home, but there is so much more that takes this house to a whole other level.

These aren't just any typical bedrooms or living spaces, or home for that matter. Whoever oversaw the renovation made sure to utilize the original design of the school. Platform beds with elevated shelving once used for books are now for storage and display. Bedrooms with sitting areas that were once adjacent to classrooms or extra-large bathrooms. As they say on those late-night infomercials...but wait there's more.

The home includes a game room that will blow your mind, a gym that is fit, of course, for a school, but kicked up a notch, and of course an indoor basketball court. Oh, and we can't forget the massive garage area that once housed school buses that is perfect for any car collector. We also love the entry with the sign, "The School House".

The home was recently on the market for $2,375,000 and sold for $1,935,000. Take a look and see what some vision and creativity can do.

Elementary School is Now Chic Luxury Home with Indoor Basketball Court

Presto Chango! Talk about breathing new life into something in a big way. Once upon a time, this was Perry Elementary School in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. Now, the former school is one of the coolest homes around. This place is 14,600 square feet of living space with 4 bedrooms, 4 full and 5 half bathrooms, a living/dining room with wet bar, gourmet kitchen, game room, gym, indoor basketball court, huge garage, and more. Originally listed for $2,375,000, this unique home just sold for $1,935,000.
Take a look inside and be inspired!



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