New research has come out showing that plastic barriers inside stores/classrooms could actually be creating dead zones making it easier for covid-19 to spread to another person.

This study goes to show you that we really aren't prepared for a virus outbreak. At first glance, you would think this is a good idea. And that's exactly why people like you and me won't survive the zombie apocalypse.

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One study found that plastic screens around desks in classrooms were linked to increased transmission of COVID-19, while another study found that the barriers impeded air flow.

Scientists say that under normal ventilation circumstances, exhaled virus particles are dispersed and replaced by fresh air every 15 to 30-minutes. With barriers in place that change air flow, dead zones can be created where the fresh air doesn’t travel and the virus particles concentrate leading to the spread of the coronavirus.  Source:

Airflow apparently is critical to keeping an area covid free. I thought the opposite! I was ready to completely seal all the air out of my house when covid first hit, but this shows that we still have a lot to learn.

This pandemic exposed a lot that we didn't know about virus transmission in general. Now everybody I know is a certified virologist and you can't tell them anything! Just know that this virus is still relatively new and expect new updates every day on how to combat this thing. Remember, it's ok to be wrong.

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