Farmer J's Corn Maze, located in Dundee, a 30 minutes drive south of Ann Arbor, is one of the biggest corn mazes in the world. As a matter of fact, in 2010 is was named the "World's Biggest Corn Maze" and "World's Longest Corn Maze Path."

This corn maze is 35 acres of corn and 9.2 miles of trail. This place is so massive that some people can't even complete the entire maze. That's kind of the beauty of it because they allow you to come back as many times as you want to until you're able to make it all the way through it. They say some people have been back as many as five times before for they could complete it.

There are multiple checkpoints that are hidden throughout the trails, and it’s up to you to try to find them all. You're definitely going to want to wear shoes that are comfortable and be sure to bring a flashlight because you could end up spending hours getting lost in the corn field.

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According to Drive The Nation, each year since 2001, Lyle Jaworski and his family have been building some of the biggest and best corn mazes in the world – including their American theme made up of the Liberty Bell, George Washington, and the Statue of Liberty.

How much does it cost?

Tickets for the corn maze are $13 for those 12 and up. For kids ages 6 to 11, the maze is only $6.50, and for children 5 and under, it's free. They also have discounted tickets for groups of 10 or more.

They also have a corn cannon. Yes, you can shoot corn out of a cannon and it sounds freaking awesome. It's $1 for two ears of corn, $5 for 12 ears of corn, and $10 for 30 ears of corn.

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