Talk about the most relatable corn maze that we've ever seen.

Johnson's Giant Pumpkins in Saginaw has been in business for 35 years and told MLive that they "kicked around" a bunch of ideas for their annual corn maze design, and COVID GO AWAY wasn't on the original list. But, once it was pitched, they knew that it was the right choice.

The corn maze, which spans 13 acres, will be open on September 12th this year. However, several things will be different for obvious reasons; they are not holding any annual weekend events such as car and craft shows. They're also asking people to observe distancing and wear masks when they're indoors at the farm.

There will also not be any special tours or school groups allowed.

Some things, like apple cider, doughnuts, and petting zoo, will remain the same. And I think it's safe to say that this year's corn maze speaks to ALL of us. Deeply.

The farm will be open until October 31st, seven days per week until 7 PM. Admission and parking are both free; you're only required to pay for activities that you take part in. This includes:

  • the corn maze
  • horse rides
  • petting zoo
  • train ride
  • any items you purchase

I mean, think about it - being in a corn maze is a great socially-distant activity. How often do you actually see people pass you in the maze? They're ENORMOUS and not typically easy to get through.

Johnson's Giant Pumpkin Farm is well aware that revenue will be down this year, so let's help them out however we can.

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