The extremely windy conditions on Sunday have left thousands without power in Michigan today.

I honestly thought that the title 'Bomb Cyclone' was a little ridiculous when I heard it used last week, but not anymore. The wind was crazy all day Sunday, and continued to howl all night and into Monday morning.

The wind has left many Consumers and DTE customers without power this morning.

You can check the Consumers outage map here.  At last check, they have taken care of most of the big problem areas and are now working on some spot outages throughout the county.

You can check the DTE outage map here. DTE is still dealing with some big outages in rural areas in the thumb.

I was impressed with out prepared the power companies were with the wind storm. I pulled into Meijer Sunday afternoon and there were around 20 crews just waiting to be deployed. This no doubt has led to the quick restorations throughout our area.

I don't want to dad talk anyone here, but it needs to be said. Do NOT go anywhere near a down power line. Also, if your power does go out and you have a generator going, run it outside.

Other than that, use the power outage to your advantage! Tell your boss that your alarm clock never went off and sleep in a little bit.

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