The strike is over, but three employees will NOT be back on the line.

General Motors has fired three UAW workers from their positions at the Flint assembly plant for making threats and committing acts of violence. They were notified over the weekend.

No official details have been released, but people familiar with the situation said that it was in reference to "bomb threats" and a windshield being smashed while picketing. The Detroit Free Press reported that the following was also posted on Facebook by one of the now terminated employees:

General Motors is sneaking in scabs to run the body shop. Need all people (out) there to stop them. Bring your ball bats, numb chicks (sic) and night sticks. It's time to step this up. It's time to get some national headlines coverage and turn the tables on Mary Barra. Be there and bring a friend.

The employees are reportedly working through the grievance process, which may result in them returning to work.

The strike, which lasted six weeks, ended last Friday with a four-year contract. There were reportedly a couple of fights on the picket line in Flint, but not much more than that.

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