The workers are protesting a new algorithmic pay model that will cut their wages by 30%.

Shipt employees in almost 40 metro areas throughout the United States are planning on going on strike this Wednesday after the company announced a new pay scale.

The company sent out a message in its Facebook groups and on the app that said, “Soon, your pay will reflect your effort. Here’s what to expect: the estimated pay range for each order will now consider variables including high store traffic times, street traffic, and estimated store-to-door travel time."

The new algorithm was rolled out in the Kalamazoo area in the last few months and employees said that they saw their wages drop by anywhere from 30% to 40%. During the pandemic, Shipt has hired more than 10,000 new shoppers. They're up to 100,000 nationwide.

This is the third time that Shipt workers have gone on strike. The walkout was announced in their Facebook group, the Shipt Shopper Lounge.

Shipt serves Meijer and Target shoppers by allowing them to shop online or on their app and have their items delivered to their homes for a small fee.

The algorithm will also go into effect in Michigan in Traverse City on Wednesday, which is the day that the employees are planning on going on strike. The last time that Shipt workers walked off the job (after demanding PPE) was on April 6th.


I don't job shame people - if you're working, you're working. You're doing your best to provide; doesn't matter what you do for a living, Shipt workers included.

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