Jeremih is a huge star in the music world now, but when he was just getting started he performed at the Purple Moon in Flint with Club 93.7.

We're going back to 2009 today to celebrate Jeremih's birthday today. The singer turns 33 today, which means he was just 22 years old when he performed for one of the first Club 93.7 Local Shows at Purple Moon Nightclub. Even though it was only 11 years ago, it seems much longer.

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I remember so many things so vividly from that night, but the there is one memory that stands out the most. We were driving Jeremih from the station to the Purple Moon, and he was asking about the club. We explained to him that it was pretty much brand new, and had a great vibe to it. We spent about 10 minutes telling him how much he was going to love it. The first thing he noticed when we pulled in was that his name was spelled wrong on the sign out front!

Luckily that was the only hiccup that night,and the sold out crowd was treated to an incredible performance. Check out one of the performance videos below.

Remember that Jeremih only had one hit song at this point. Birthday Sex had just went to number 1 on the charts, and he was basically introducing himself to the music world.

One of our biggest concerns was if he had other music to perform for the show, or if he was just going to do Birthday Sex and leave lol!

Turns out it was a mixture of both.

He did have a couple other new songs to perform, but toward the end of his performance he decided to do a piano version of Birthday Sex. Check it out below.

This was a nice little trip down amnesia lane.

Happy birthday to Jeremih, and thank you to all of the incredibly talented local artists that were on the stage that night. I am going to name the ones I remember, but if I forgot you, please let me know in the comments below.

Jon Connor, Dolla & Skeet, Shemy, Splack, and Greg Joslin.



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