The Detroit Tigers waited until the last minute, but ultimately traded away two of their best players.

Detroit is in a rebuilding process right now, which looks more like the worlds most obvious tank job. With the trade deadline looming the Tigers shipped their two all stars out of town.

Shane Greene is one of the best closers in baseball right now, and the Tigers have traded him to the Braves. Nick Castellanos is an all star outfielder that the Tigers have traded to the Cubs.

Detroit gave both players a send off on Instagram after making a very late announcement that they had been traded.

This completes the house cleaning for Detroit. We all knew that this would be a rough year for the Tigers, but they started surprisingly well. That ended quickly, and now Detroit is in a position to break all kinds of records for futility.

They can potentially set the record for most losses, and worst winning percentage this season.

I would talk more about the prospects that the Tigers got in return, but there isn't much to say. They are good players, but probably won't contribute to many wins this season for the Tigers.

Now I guess we'll just sit back and watch to see how bad the dumpster fire really gets.

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