The Tigers have traded away another fan favorite, this time sending Ian Kinsler to the west coast.

Kinsler will be suiting up for the Angels next season, and I for one am not thrilled. The Tigers managed to get a couple of mid-level minor league prospects. Pitcher Wilkel Hernandez, and Center Fielder Troy Montgomery. You can get some stats on the two prospects here.

The Tigers gave Kinsler a Twitter sendoff after the trade was officially confirmed.

This is tough to watch for any Tigers fan. The mass exodus started in the middle of last season.

The harsh reality peaked with the Tigers dealt Verlander near the end of the season. Miguel Cabrerra remains one of the last recognizable Tigers from their winning team. If they deal Miggy before the start of the season, I may just pretend that baseball got cancelled this year.

This trade hurts the same way that the Verlander trade did. Kinsler is a baseball guy, who actually increased his productivity in Detroit. He embraced the city, and we embraced him back.

I don't know what to expect with the Tigers next season, but I'm pretty sure that when they ask who my Tiger is, I won't have a solid answer.

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