Miguel Cabrera is already in, and now Detroit Tigers fans need to vote to get Ian Kinsler into the 2016 MLB All-Star Game.

Kinsler is no stranger to the all star game, but this year he needs help from the fans to get in.  Kinsler has had a great season so far, and is definitely deserving of the honor.

The stats are proof that Kinsler should be in the all star game with 200 stolen bases, 200 Homeruns, and more than 1,000 runs scored.  The Tigers have gotten behind Kinsler as well, putting together the very convincing video below.

Now that you have all of the ammo, all you have to do is vote.  You can do it two different ways;

TEXT A1 TO 89269

Or click on the picture below to vote at the MLB website.

Kinsler Vote

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