Pop-Rap star Tinie Tempah was the first to purchase the Back To The Future "McFly's" for $37,000 at an auction for the Micheal J. Fox foundation in LA and said he will never wear the new sneakers. They made 1,500 pairs of the new Nikes which were auctioned off last week to benefit the MJF foundation, the man who starred in the hit movie "Back To The Future".

Watch the first bid ever for the shoes below and tell me how crazy you think Tinie is for spending that kind of coin on a pair of shoes he will NEVER WEAR!


He said:

"First of all it was for a charitable cause and I'm a huge fan of 'Back To The Future,' and of course their Nike Mags, it all kinda made sense to me."

He also vowed he'll never put them on.

"Never, I'd keep it in a display box."