Maybe small-town living is the key to happiness?

Well, it's another notch in the mitten state's belt - the tiny city of Buchanan, Michigan, has been named as the "Nicest Place in America," according to Reader's Digest.

Buchanan is in Berrien County, not far from the Michigan-Indiana border. It's a little bit less than three hours away from us here in the Flint area.

Buchanan was nominated by a guy named James Van Dyke. Michigan-native and journalist shared Van Dyke's story on the Today Show:

“In small towns, Memorial Day and parades are a big deal to honor the vets. Because of Covid, they couldn’t hold the parade. Instead of just giving into the disease, they got photos of all of the active military and veterans in the town, turned them into huge banners and hung them from all the lampposts. 103 banners.”

And it wasn't just Memorial Day - Buchanan residents, along with police officers, marched together after the death of George Floyd.

“Buchanan is a midwestern town that loves its country, loves its history, loves its military and also understands racial injustice and the need for racial justice. They personify the ability to love your country and also love all different members of the country.”

If you'd like to read the entire story, the November issue of Reader's Digest will be available on October 20th.

Congratulations to the people of Buchanan! Clearly, you guys personify the American spirit and the idea of what a community really is. Kudos. Proud to be in the same state.

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