Tonight is the night that all of our past 810 Local Flow winners hit the stage at the Riverbank Park Pavilion in downtown Flint!

We will start the show at 6pm and it's only $3 to see some great local artists.

We will also give away $500 of Mr. Alan's gift cards at the show.  If you want to get entered to win leave your name in the comments below, and we will pick one of the commentors to win a $100 Mr. Alans gift card at the show.

Here are the artists you will see at tonight's show.

Justin Daye & kid coogie - 'gone hate'

berzerk - 'zone'

Mama sol - 'super supreme'

Noak g & jae ran - 'its alright'

kid coogie - 'mias got a baby'

brionna - 'brionna'

dreamer - 'never get enough'

tja - 'floor falls (jump)'

landoo sky - 'under the stars'

rocky - 'figure it out'

oj tha king & zook - 'summer is ours'

taztro - 'drinks on me'