The Powerball jackpot stands at $485 Million right now, but that number is expected to grow before tonight's drawing, and this could go down as one of the biggest prizes ever.

Currently this is the fifth largest jackpot in Powerball history, but as we all rush to get our tickets today, that jackpot will definitely grow.

Before you start planning out how to spend your winnings, you should realize that the odds are probably not in your favor.  Experts estimate that you have a about a 1 in 176 Million chance of winning.  That means that you are more likely to be hit by an asteroid  than win.  Which might not be a bad thing if you end up with some crazy superpower because of it.

I admit, I get caught up in the Lotto craziness too.  Check out a few things I've always said I would do if I won the big money here.

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