The Powerball went without a winner over the weekend making it the 40th consecutive week with a major winner and now the pot has reached over half a billion dollars!

The Jackpot is now sitting at $670 million dollars and if you take the cash payment( Which you should) that should equal out around $450 million dollars before taxes, but who cares! You'll have so much money in the bank that your biggest problem will be making sure you keep up with your taxes. 

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The jackpot has slowly climbed to an estimated $635 million thanks to 39 consecutive drawings without a grand prize winner.


There hasn’t been a bigger Powerball jackpot since a $731.1 million prize was won on Jan. 20.


The odds of winning the jackpot are one in 292.2 million.

Here's another stat you should know about as well. Over 70% of lottery winners go broke and about a third declare bankruptcy at some point. This proves that it's not that money that makes you rich, it's the discipline. I've had friends that nailed really good jobs that paid well, only turn around to start developing bad habits. Those habits can grow over time and eventually drain you dry without you noticing. Another one is being addicted to gambling. The worst thing that can happen to a gambling addict is winning the lottery. It gives them a false sense of achievement, I saw this a lot in my home, and we suffered the consequences.  Play smart and save even smarter, good luck!

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