With the Holiday season in full swing many American's are trying to save cash anyway possible to afford gifts. What might shock you is what is #1 on the most shoplifted item list this season. And many people might not know, but Adults with jobs are the most common offenders when it comes to the snatch & grab. Check out the list below from Yahoo.com

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    As Ad Week points out, some shoppers wear flip-flops into a store, try on a pair of sneakers, and walk out wearing them. Sneaker heads will do whatever it takes to score the kicks on their wish list.

  • 9

    Chanel No. 5

    Who wouldn’t love a bottle of this popular woman’s fragrance? Expensive perfumes make up nearly four percent of loss in stores that carry them.

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    Let’s Rock Elmo

    The Sesame Street toy topped the Toys’R’Us "Hot Toys" list this year, so parents are stealing this must-have toy for their kids if they can’t afford it.

  • 7

    Polo Ralph Lauren

    Clothing theft is up 31 percent since 2009. It’s hard to look good in a bad economy, so some score fresh threads the illegal way.

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    The men’s deodorant and body wash we love to hate are often stolen in mass quantities and resold at flea markets and corner stores. Dial is popular amongst thieves too.

  • 5

    Gillette Mach 4

    Anyone who uses non-disposable razors knows they’re pretty expensive, so in tough financial times people don’t want to pay for them anymore.

  • 4

    iPhone 4

    Electronics like smartphones and video games are high risk items, and one research group claims 100,000 laptops are stolen annually from big box stores.

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    Electric tools

    Apparently the the most common items men nab are electric toothbrushes and power tools. At least they’re fighting cavities.

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    Those with an unquenchable thirst for booze just help themselves to a free bottle of expensive liquor.

  • 1

    Filet Mignon

    So many people are tucking choice cuts of meats under their jackets that supermarkets are now considered the stores with the most theft.