Tornado's have torn the south apart this month.  The devastation that they bring with them is unbelievable, until you see them up close.  Below are two videos of two of the most powerful tornado's that Alabama, Mississippi or Tennessee have ever witnessed.  Now people are asking, why are there so many storms this year and will it continue?  The answers to both questions and videos are below.

This is a twister from two days ago in Mississippi.  The camera man is withing a football field of this thing.

This is a video of the EF4 tornado that destroyed Tuscaloosa Alabama.  It's amazing to think that at its biggest point, this tornado was a mile wide.

So why have so many tornadoes hit this year?  Normally April is not the heavy month, but conditions are perfect for big storms according to NewScientist.

What is causing the onslaught?
Throughout April the jet stream has dipped south over the south-western US, sending strings of storms over the southern states for weeks on end. Such a sustained pattern happens only two or three times a century.

Is it over?
Forecasters think the stormy weather is likely to calm down over the next few days. But they are unsure what will happen next week: its different models are forecasting different outcomes.

Is climate change to blame?
There's no way of knowing for sure. There have been claims that tornado numbers have increased over the past few decades, but because records are less reliable further back in time, we cannot be sure.

No matter what the cause, the result is terrible.  As people start to pick up the pieces of their towns all they can do is wonder what May will bring.  May is normally the busiest month for tornado's.  This image sums it up for me, it doesnt look like anywhere in the US.

If you would like to help, you can make donations online to the American Red Cross here.